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Lawrence's passion for art began at the tender age of 7, when he embarked on a journey of artistic exploration under the guidance of the renowned Chinese artist Li Mao. With years of dedication and practice, Lawrence has now become a seasoned senior artist who finds joy in painting, photography, and has honed his skills as a professional graphic designer and photographer for the last 17 years. He is skilled in sketching, watercolor, gouache, and oil painting, especially proficient in Chinese painting. His artworks have been exhibited and awarded at the US-China International Art Museum and the Kobe International Art Exhibition in Japan. He studied photography for four years at the Los Angeles Photography Academy and worked as a professional photographer, shooting wedding advertisements and catalogs. He is a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). More than 40 of his photography works have been selected for international photography exhibitions, some of which have been awarded certificates and trophies. He specializes mostly in creating outdoor clothing patterns, including patterns for Ford and Chevrolet cars, trucks, tropical flower and bird patterns for Hawaii, deer, fish, hunting dog, horse, and Rodeo patterns, and so on.​ Clients and consumers have showered praise upon his designs, recognizing the exceptional quality and creativity he brings to his work.

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